Athens Walking

Walking Around Central Athens suggest you a free self walking tour around Athens City.

Dive into the very soul of Athens and discover exactly what makes this city so very special including and aside from all that ancient history.

Arrive with public Transport or Taxi to Syntagma.

Start your walking tour from Syntagma Square(2) the most important and crowded square in Athens, surrounded by impressive neoclassical buildings. At the upper end of the square see the Evzones(3) the guards of the Constitution, and the tomb of the unknown soldier. At the same place opposite Evzones you will find the Greek Parliament(4) building.

Return back to Syntagma Square (5) and toward to Ermou shopping Street(6). With fashion shops and shopping centers promoting most international brands is in the top five most expensive shopping streets in Europe, and the tenth most expensive retail street in the world. At Ermou also visit the Church of Kapnikarea ( built the 11th century).

  • Turn left and forward to Cathedral small Square(9).
  • Check the Cathedral(8) and the small Church of Agios Eleftherios(10).
  • Walk through Agia Filitheis(11) Street until you find Andrianou Street(12) wich is one of the main street of Plaka Area. The area is famous for its traditional taverns with live Greek music and many coffee shops.
  • Move to Lisikratous street to visit the Arch of Hadrian & the Temple of Olympian Zeus (13).
  • Then ahead to Acropolis, you will see on your right the Lysictrates Monument(14), and continue to circling the Hill of Acropolis(15). On in northerneast side of the Acropolis Hill is Anafiotika(16) wich is a scenic tiny neighborhood, part of old Plaka historical neighborhood.
  • Walk through Klepsydras Street to find the Roman Forum & The Tower of the Winds(17) witch is an octagonal Pentelic marble clock tower in the Roman Agora.
  • At the junction of Aiolou and Adrianou sits the Agora Square(18). A small but miraculous beautiful square with cafe and Restaurants.
  • Opposite Agora Square find the Library of Hadrian wich was created by Roman Emperor Hadrian in AD 132.
  • Next and last destination is Monastiraki Square(19) witch for centuries was the city’s commercial center. Visit the near by flea market.
  • Finaly take the metro from Monastiraki Metro Station(20) to return back to your destination.

Private Walking Tours: Best of Athens

Experience the best Athens has to offer on this three-hour private walking tour. From the famous pom pom wearing Presidential guards at the House of Parliament to the site of the first Modern Olympic Games to the atmospheric paved streets of the Plaka. Syntagma Metro station, where your tour begins contains many archaeological exhibits including ancient grave stones, an aqueduct from the 5th century BC, pottery, a 2,000-year old beehive and a mosaic from the 5th century AD.

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