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Athens City Buses & Troley

With a long history and more than a total of 50 klm of their own lines on the streets of Athens, the urban buses and the trolleys are improving remarkably, not only in punctuality but also in environmental quality during transportation. Athens has 310 urban bus lines. They are capable of transporting passengers daily to every corner of the capital with a quality standard that has been rose substantially since 2004. Many main arteries may be still experience traffic congestions during certain hours of the day, but the urban buses move more comfortably, becoming more punctual and thus strive to recover trust lost by the passengers during previous decades.

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Electric Buses Athens & Piraeus Area Lines and Routes:

1 – Plateia Attikis – Tzizifies – Moschato
2 – Plateia Kypselis – Pagrati – Kaisariani
3 – Nea Philadelfeia – Ano Patisia – Girokomeio
4 – Ano Kypseli – Plastira- Aghios Artemios
5 – Labrini – Syntagma – Tzitzifies
6 – Ippokratous – N.Philadelfeia – Kokinos Milos
7 – Panepistimiou str – Alexandras avenue (circular)
8 – Alexandras Av- Akademias str (circular)
9 – Ano Kypseli – Petralona
10 – Tzitzifies – Chalandri
11 – Ano Patisia – Neo Pagrati- Nea Elvetia
12 – Zapeio – Peristeri
13 – Labrini – Plateia Kanigos- Neo Psychiko
14 – Papadiamanti – Alexandras – Neo Psychiko
15 – Petralona – Courts – El Venizelou
16 – Ag. Ioannis Rentis – Piraeus
17 – Pireaus- Agios Georgios (circular)
18 – Museum- Halandri (Ethnikis Antistaseos)
19 – Museum- Halandri (Sidera)
20 – Neo Faliro- Kastella- Drapetsona
21 – Athens- Petrou Ralli – Nikea
24 – Petroupoli – Ilion- Agios Antonios
25 – Kamatero- Ilion- Agios Antonios (circular)

Buses from Athens International Airport

Public transport from and to the airport is provided by express airport bus connections with Athens center on a 24 hours basis, ensuring efficient transport of air travelers and facilitating linkage to key tourist attractions.
Starting point: You can catch the bus from the designated area at the arrivals level between Exit 4 and Exit 5
Departure time: The buses leave every 30 to 60 minutes depending on the route. For the exact departure times for each route check the timetables.
Get your tickets: Tickets are available from the bus drivers, from the ticket kiosk at the bus departure area and from all the metro stations around Athens.

Ticket price:

There are only one-way tickets and cost 5.00 €
Children under 6 years can travel free.
Half price tickets at 2.50 €are available for:
Students upon showing their Student Card (University ID) plus Passport or ID
People of age 6 to 18 years old
People older than 65 years when showing their ID

Four bus routes connect directly the Athens greater area and airport (Eleftherios Venizelos ATH). All buses disembark passengers at the Departures Level and depart from the Arrivals Level, between Exits 4 and 5. Passengers of the Athens Airport will be able to use at least 2 public transport lines scheduled to accommodate their needs for the center of Athens, as follows:

Route X93: Kifisou avenue – Athens Airport

Connects Athens airport with Athens intercity bus station. The trip takes about 65 min. This bus route is the only way to reach the intercity bus station besides taxi. It departs every 40 minutes. Be careful not to confuse the name of this bus with that of bus X92.

Route X95: Syntagma – Athens Airport

Use this bus if you would like to go the Athens center (Syntagma square). Many ancient monument are in a walking distance from there: the Acropolis and the Parthenon, the Acropolis museum, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Roman Market and much more. Also, from Syntagma square you can catch a taxi to anywhere in Athens with quite low.

Route X96: Piraeus – Athens Airport

This is the bus to use is you plan to take a ferry from Piraeus to the greek islands (Santorin, Mykonos, Paros, Kos, Crete, Rhodes etc.). It takes about 90 min from Athens airport to Piraeus depending on the traffic. However its a nice route if you have the time.

Route X97: Dafni – Athens Airport

This route connects Athens Airport with Dafni metro station. See map, blue line. It departs every 40 to 60 minutes.

Airport Bus Routes are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

For more details about tickets and routes Contact:


ETHEL bus services operate from 05:00-00:00, with 300 bus lines covering all of Athens. All buses are equipped with air conditioning. Special bus lanes run through the city.


Tel: 0030210 493 3002


ILPAP operate electric or trolley buses, with 23 lines. All buses have air conditioning.


Tel: 0030210 258 3300
Lost and Found Tel: 0030210 883 4138


Long-distance buses (KTEL Attikis)

KTEL buses are privately owned bus networks based in every prefecture/island of Greece and often are the most affordable and convenient means of transport, though the quality of service can vary. Detailed information on routes, timetables, ticket fares and practical information can be found:

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